Our mission is to create premium lifestyle supplements that are effective, taste great and are made with ingredients of only the highest quality.
We design innovative and experiential products that we feel good about putting into our bodies.
I had a demanding lifestyle working in the beverage industry, which I loved, but sometimes induced stress and took a toll on my well-being. I enjoy practicing yoga, meditating and mindfulness to restore balance, clarity and inner peace. However, I found when time was tight, I wanted an alternative option that can give me these wonderful effects without the required time investment.

I searched for something that could bring this sense of calm without drowsiness, and a state of intense focus without crashing. I wanted to avoid the jitters that come with high-caffeine beverages, and the toxins of alcohol. I couldn’t find anything suitable and healthy on the market, so I quit my corporate job and took on the challenge to create something myself.

I hunted for the most natural and effective ingredients, with proven scientific results and immediately got to work to create this “relaxation elixir”. Being my toughest critic and demanding test subject, I didn’t stop tinkering with different combinations at different potency ratios until I was satisfied with the results. Now I’m ready to share with the world this innovative infusion called CALM MOON. Enjoy!

Alexandra Eva
Founder & CEO