Part 1: The Journey to Calm Moon

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Part 1: The Journey to Calm Moon

5 Questions with Founder Alexandra

Have you ever had this experience?

You’re sitting on an airplane, heading off on vacation, when you’re asked if you would like coffee, tea, or alcohol to enjoy during the flight. You’re a nervous flyer, so you consider your options. Caffeine would probably only intensify the tight feeling in your stomach. Tea would be calming, but likely not strong enough to loosen your grip on the chair arm. So, you decide on a glass of wine, hoping it will work as a distraction, but knowing that, in reality, any effects you experience will be fleeting, and in the end you’ll probably feel worse.

If this scenario is familiar to you, you’re not alone.

Almost five years ago, our founder, Alexandra, found herself in this exact situation. As she pondered her beverage options and realized none were satisfactory, the idea for Moon Infusions was formed.

We sat down with Alex to talk about her journey from that plane seat to the launch of Moon Infusions’ Calm Moon Drops.

1. What’s the link between flying anxiety and Calm Moon Drops?

The idea for Moon Infusions came to me when I was sitting on a plane going on vacation. I’ve always been a nervous flyer. They offered us mimosas, coffee, or tea and I remember having this moment where I thought through all the options. I wanted something that would make me feel calm and at ease, but still alert - and I knew nothing available on my flight would do that for me. Then I actually had this moment where I thought, “what if there is something I can drink that would make me feel that way?”

I started Googling as soon as we landed. There actually was a ready-to-drink market starting to form for relaxation beverages, which got me very excited.

2. How did you decide to make supplement drops instead of a ready-to-drink product?

I Initially did want to make a ready-to-drink product, but quickly decided against that route for a number of reasons. I wanted an online business and that meant I needed a product I could scale, that had a long shelf-life, and was small and easy to ship.

I also thought about the environment. It would take a ton of plastic to make cases of ready-to-drink product and ship them. I wanted to avoid that. And, of course, I wanted something you can bring on a plane.

3. How did you decide what to put in the drops?

I knew I wanted to include traditional ingredients such as chamomile and passion flower, but I also wanted active ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work.  After some additional research I found Zembrin and Suntheanine. They offered exactly the effects I was looking for: mood enhancement, reduced stress, mental calmness, relaxation, and increased focus.

I brought all my ideas to the formulation company and they helped me tweak the formula for things like taste and texture.

4. Who would benefit from using Calm Moon Drops?

I made Calm Moon Drops for people to take as the first step on their wellness journey. I wanted them to be something convenient enough for anyone to use to manage all types of stress - tight deadlines at work, family obligations - anything! The drops help with anxiety, but also just with the struggles of everyday life.

I want the drops to be a way for people to find a sense of calm and peace in any stressful situation, and at the same time an aid for increased focus to continue with your day. I want them to be a nudge - the first step to finding calm and being mindful every day.

5. What’s next for Moon Infusions?

I would love to have a line of Moon products. My goal is to be a supplements company with products you can use for everything. Our next product will be a beauty supplement. Following that, I want to focus on sleep and energy supplements.  



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