Part 2 : Getting Real About Anxiety

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Part 2 : Getting Real About Anxiety

Some people feel it in their stomach - there’s a tenseness, muscles clenched around an uncomfortable, unrelenting churning. Others get sweaty palms, their hearts racing, a terrifying breathlessness making them lightheaded and dizzy.

Sometimes it’s more mental than physical. All-consuming worried thoughts, racing through the mind on repeat - made worse by the fear that failing to worry will only bring something worse.

If you recognize these symptoms, you likely suffer from anxiety, along with 18.1% of Americans.

Our founder Alex sat down with us to talk about her experience with anxiety, how it inspired our Calm Moon Relaxation Drops, and the role the drops play in her overall wellness journey.

1. What has been your experience with anxiety?

I started to experience anxiety in my teens and I still struggle with it now as an adult. Often it manifests as panic attacks. I’ll find myself overstimulated by my environment and the tension and anxiety builds and builds until I have a panic attack. I feel like I can’t breathe.

My anxiety was particularly bad when I was working at the job I had before I started Moon Infusions. I had a demanding career in the alcoholic beverage industry and I loved it. But increasingly I found that it just wasn't a good fit and felt conflicted about it. I wanted to live authentically - and not doing so gave me more anxiety.

2. You gave birth to your son, Asher, in 2018. How did that impact your anxiety?

It was very tough. I found it shocking to go from having full autonomy - being in control of my time and lifestyle - to suddenly having a little person who needed my 24/7 attention. I really struggled because I wasn’t sleeping and having someone so reliant on me literally for survival made me stressed and anxious. I actually ended up being treated for postpartum anxiety. 

3. How have you managed your anxiety?

I took medication for my anxiety but that came with some serious downsides. The side effects were awful, and while it worked as a temporary fix, I wanted to something that I would not be fully dependent on.

I wanted to find better ways to cope because the old ways just weren’t working anymore. So, I started to focus on my overall wellness. I started practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness, and eventually the idea for our Calm Moon Drops was born (you can learn more about that in part 1 of this series, “The Journey to Calm Moon”).

4. How has yoga and meditation helped?

Yoga and meditation give me time for myself. I can just pull away and be alone. When I do yoga or meditate, I don't do so with a goal in mind. I'm just doing it to take time, be in the moment, and to check in.

I find yoga really shows me what's going on. I'm really good at distracting myself by staying busy - I'll go shopping, I'll go for a walk, I'll clean - but when I force myself to take an hour with my thoughts and body, I can't hide. This lets my anxiety and worries come out and I have to examine them instead of running away or hiding.

5. What role do Calm Moon Relaxation Drops play in your wellness journey and management of your anxiety? How do they help?

I use the Calm Moon Drops every other day. Or when I am feeling that I need to find a moment and I don't have time to meditate or do yoga. They’re perfect for when I have 50 things to do around the house, or if Asher is stressing me out (he’s in the phase where he’s constantly on the move and I can barely take my eyes off him for a second!)

As I mentioned, my anxiety medication makes me feel foggy and unable to function. With the Calm Moon Drops, I feel clear, focused, and able to be present in the moment.

With the drops you are not running away from your problems - you're not getting a break. You're just approaching them in a calm and mindful manner and you're still focused on what you're doing.



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